Dallas Cowboys NFL Betting

If you live in Texas then Dallas Cowboys NFL betting is probably one of your more enjoyable pastimes, especially in November when the Cowboys and Tony Romo typically do their best in November. If you visit the Bovada Sportsbook you will see how betting odds work and the changing nature of wagering lines almost by the hour. Bovada is also a useful NFL online betting site for new bettors looking for guides on how to bet on the NFL online this upcoming football season for 2013-14.

The Dallas Cowboys are a media darling but the team can’t seem to put it together late in the season. The Cowboys are always near or barely in the playoffs but the team has only won one playoff game since the mid 1990s. When you think about the Cowboys and the Super Bowl, you have to wonder if their starting quarterback Tony Romo has finally gained the maturity he needs to become a legendary figure in the NFL.

Dallas Cowboys NFL Game

The Cowboys play in Cowboys Stadium which is sometimes referred to as Jerry World since the Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was so influential in getting the new dome built. This state of the art facility is known as one of the best indoor venues in all of sports. If you look up the betting odds of the Cowboys, you’ll be surprised to know that this team is currently sitting at 33/1 to win the Super Bowl in 2014. The Cowboys have been on the cusp of greatness for quite sometime and if they can put it together late in the season, this team will be a force during the playoffs. Betting on the Cowboys to win the Super Bowl is easy if you have a Bovada account. If you do not have a Bovada sports book account, go ahead and sign up now!

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