Betting On NFL Futures

We are just a couple of months away from the start of the NFL pre-season and we are already seeing adjustments being made to betting on NFL futures odds at most top sports betting sites online. Most NFL betting sites have Super Bowl 2014 wagering lines posted already, but as far as individual NFL futures and win/loss NFL futures we will need to wait at least a few more weeks before those are posted. As with every NFL season, NFL online betting odds change on the fly according to off-season surgeries, signings, and trades.

If you begin betting on NFL futures now, you could lock up lucrative odds that could pay off huge when the season comes around. What kind of NFL future bets should you make? Consider making futures bets on teams to win their divisions, conferences or even the Super Bowl. Did you know that you could have locked up 16/1 odds on the Baltimore Ravens should you have bet on them before the 2012 season to win the Super Bowl?
Betting on NFL Futures bets has its upsides and downside. The huge upside is that the odds will pay off lucratively, even for the favorites. You can often pick the teams who are favorites to win the Super Bowl at between 6/1 and 8/1. The obvious downside is that your bankroll is locked up while the season is being played out. The longer you wait to place a futures bet, the lower the odds become for the favorites to win the specified division,
conference or championship.

Betting NFL Futures

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