2016 NFL Betting Odds for Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals are a dangerous team that must get by the Seattle Seahawks in order to win the NFC West division. The Arizona Cardinals had a strong showing last year, seemingly being able to plug any running back into their system while getting immediate results.

Head Coach Bruce Ariens is one of the top coaches in the NFL, as many players say that they enjoy playing for the coach because they respect him so much. Carson Palmer is a seasoned veteran but the Cardinals may have some issues with Palmer due to his age. Last year, his age didn’t seem to be a factor and Palmer had one of the best seasons of his career.

2016 NFL Betting Odds For The Arizona Cardinals

Carson Palmer could be the catalyst in the Arizona Cardinals offense. Palmer has tremendous vision down the field and his ability to always find to open receiver or make a smart decision with the ball helps him manage his team to a victory.

The Cardinals may have tremendous upside considering the fact that many online sportsbooks are giving the team 18/1 preseason betting odds to win Super Bowl LI. If the Cardinals can get past the Seattle Seahawks, they can likely make it pretty far in the 2016 NFL Playoffs.

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