2016 Betting Odds for Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers are probably the most dangerous team in the NFL this upcoming season. They were the most prolific and exciting of the 2015 season only to fall to the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl.

Head Coach Ron Rivera led his team to an unbelievable season in 2015. He masterminded the Panthers to a 15-1 record in the NFC that helped secure the Panthers a spot in the Super Bowl. The Panthers have incredible respect and loyalty for coach Rivera.

2016 Betting Odds For Carolina Panthers

Cam Newton is the high-flying quarterback leading the charge on the field. Newton has only a few years of NFL experience under his belt, but he is playing with the poise, leadership, and numbers of a veteran. His play in 2016 is key for the Panthers to win the NFC again and get back to the biggest spectacle on earth, the Super Bowl. For information on how to bet on the Carolina Panthers for 2016 then check out our NFL betting odds explained section.

The Panthers look to have an excellent year and are one of the favorites to win it all in the NFL. The Panthers have to get past a number of great teams with high playoff potential, but at 13/1 odds for the preseason to win it all, they are a team you can safely bet on.

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