Tom Brady Sketch Artist Wants to Redeem Herself

On August 12 after Tom Brady attended a federal court hearing regarding the Deflategate controversy, there seemed to be just as much talk (if not more) about the courtroom sketch of him that was done that day than the actual hearing itself.

The sketch was done by Jane Rosenberg, an artist who has 35 years of experience. After the artwork went viral, she said, “I apologize for not making him look pretty enough to the world. Tom Brady is a very good-looking guy.” Social media went wild with a multitude of memes, and the sketch was certainly one of the topics du jour. Many were comparing her sketch of him with the likes of ET and The Scream by Edvard Munch. Despite all the negative comments, she reportedly received many offers from those who wanted to buy the sketch, as well as a request from The Sports Museum in Boston to have a loan of the sketch for a month.

Tom Brady Sketch Artist

When the time came around on August 31 for her to draw Brady again, everyone was waiting to see what she would come up with. Beforehand, she told the New York Daily News, “There’s a lot of pressure on me. A lot of eyeballs on me. I just hope my hands can move, period. I know I’m not going to have any sleep tonight. I still might blow it; anything could happen.”

Well, anything did happen, and it was great results. Before doing the second courtroom sketch, she also spent two days working on another sketch of the New England Patriots Quarterback. Rosenberg explained, “I still found him very hard to draw — from a photo as well. Something subtle goes on with his eyes. He has a big chin with a cleft in it.”

A round of applause for Rosenberg’s talent please.

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