Atlanta Falcons 2016 NFL Super Bowl LI Betting Odds

The 2016 Atlanta Falcons are an early money long-shot to win Super Bowl LI. While the 60/1 betting odds may seem impossible to overcome, stranger things have happened in the NFL. For one thing, the Falcons have Matt Ryan at quarterback. While Ryan has had stretches in his career where he looked like an MVP quarterback, the problems of the Falcons haven’t really been attributed to the play of the quarterback.

Atlanta Falcons 2016-2017 NFL Super Bowl LI Betting Odds

If the Falcons can shore up their defense and keep guys healthy throughout the season, the Atlanta Falcons could be one of the biggest threats to pull off of a shocking upset in the Super Bowl. With threats on offense like Julio Jones, the Atlanta Falcons are some of the most talented players on offense.

The defensive additions to the Atlanta Falcons may help the team reverse their defensive woes. Analysts say that the Falcons weren’t afraid to open their pocketbook and spend money on big players. Guys like Courtney Upshaw could help the Falcons in their line-backing corps, which is where the teams needs help the most. If you like betting long-shots to win the Super Bowl, the 2016 Atlanta Falcons provide tremendous value considering the upside that the team could possess.

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