Seattle Seahawks Corner Upset About Bad Calls

The Seattle Seahawks suffered one of the most surprising losses over the weekend, losing to the San Francisco 49ers, a team they had defeated 10 consecutive times. The Seahawks were flagged by the referees 14 times for 148 yards, with the final flag costing them the game.

Cornerback Shaquill Griffin was called for a pass interference that set up the 49ers game-winning field goal, and he wasn’t very happy about the call after the game.

“The penalty that they called on me, it was a terrible call,” he said inside a silent Seahawks locker room, repeating a word he used a few times.

“I kinda knew they was going to try to call a penalty on someone the way they were calling penalties on offense, and I made sure as soon as I seen the pass in the air that I wasn’t going to touch him or grab him,” Griffin said. “I was just going to stick my hand out, knock it down and roll over. That’s exactly what I did. When I stood up and looked at the [official], he looked at me and threw it. So it’s something I can’t take back, and it sucks the way it ended, but it was a terrible call.”

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Seattle Seahawks Shaquill Griffin

Head coach Pete Carroll refused to comment on the play because he didn’t get a good look at it. However, he was unhappy about his team’s lack of discipline.

“I can’t tell you,” Carroll said of the Griffin play. “I don’t know, but it surely happened right at the crucial times. The hold happens on the big play. That’s the big play for us to get out of there, and it’s just unfortunate. Just the way it goes sometimes. It’s not because we’re not trying. Guys were busting their tails to get it done, but we just went too far, I guess.”

“I don’t think any of that was what happened,” he said. “I think we were sloppy with the penalty situation. All of the numbers matched up to how we play. The running numbers, the third-down numbers were the best we’ve had in quite a while. Defense kept the numbers down, played really well in the second half, gave up a couple field goals. So we did a lot of really good things like we normally do.”

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