Nick Foles Hopes To Start Against Redskins

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles took a big hit from Houston Texans pass-rusher Jadeveon Clowney late in their game on Sunday, leaving him writhing in pain. However, Foles was able to shake it off and was back under center after going to the sidelines for one play.

With Carson Wentz dealing with an injury as well, Eagles fans were worried they will have to rely on third stringer Nate Sudfeld to help them clinch a playoff berth when they face the Washington Redskins this week.

Even Sudfeld thought he might have to become the team’s starter after watching Foles after the hit.

“I thought he was out. He was laying there forever,” Sudfeld said. “I didn’t know if he was out for forever or freaking one day. You have no idea.”

Fortunately for the Eagles, not only was Foles able to return to the game, he led the drive that led to the team’s game-winning field goal against the Texans.

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“We get confused sometimes because he’s a backup quarterback; he just happens to be Carson Wentz’s backup,” said safety Malcolm Jenkins. “He’s a player. He’s a Super Bowl MVP for a reason. Obviously, he’s pumped life back into this team, the offense, playing phenomenal right when we need it. But that’s Nick. He’s no different. It’s not like he rose to the occasion. This is what he’s made for.”

On Monday, Foles told reporters that he is feeling fine and is ready to play against the Redskins this week.

I’m great. Feel great,” Foles said when asked how the X-rays turned out.

“It was a great hit. He got a good one on me,” Foles said. “Trainers got out there, I was able to get my breath back. My rib’s a little sore but all in all, I feel great.”

With Foles feeling fine, the Eagles should be confident about their chances of beating the Redskins this week, but they will need some help from the Chicago Bears to make the playoffs.

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