NFL Offseason Conditioning

The NFL’s New York Jets: Off-season NFL conditioning and how they train during the playoffs that they are not in.

Every spring brings in dozens of elite NFL players to the University of Miami for one of the toughest “balls to the wall” off-season conditioning regimens. As you set foot inside the training facility which is imperative if they want to make it to Super Bowl 2014 for online betting picks and predictions, don’t be surprised to see a linebacker squinting while exhaling or barking an expletive or two as he attempts to complete a 100-rep set of Javorek Jackknife crunches.

NFL Training Camp

This is the weight room in the University of Miami, where NFL warriors assemble as early as 6:30 am to take in a good punishment and ready themselves for the battle next season. The windows here boast panoramic and scenic views of the practice field. Just a few feet away you’d see another player knock down a set of fast, explosive bicep curls. Look the other way, and you’d see another one squatting near-mammoth loads. Affectionately referred to as the “the U”, veteran NFL players keep the place quite busy during off-season.

Strength coaches of almost all teams prefer that the players spend their downtime training in the teams’ respective headquarters. This not only reinforces the team concept, but also boosts camaraderie and brotherhood. If nothing else, it acts as a great motivator for those less than thrilled to spend time in the weight room during off-season.

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