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Looking to learn more about NFL betting rules plus officiating rules? The 2020 NFL season will introduce some rather intriguing rule changes. As a sports bettor, you should thoroughly examine these changes. To ensure that they do not impact your NFL betting strategy. Let’s dig a bit deeper into these changes. Also, critically think about how they should shape your wagering strategy.

Automatic Replay Rule:

During the offseason, the NFL changed the replay rule to include extra point and 2-point conversion tries.  Remember that? The rule also lets the officials review a scoring play. One that was negated by a foul or a penalty. This rule could tip the point total in either direction, so when you are handicapping a game, be cognizant about how many penalties the teams you are considering are committing each game.

Kick Offs and Punt Returns:

The NFL has amended the rule concerning the punt returner and the player tasked with returning kick offs. In the past, a player would need to waive his hand in the air to signal for a fair catch.

New Updates to NFL Betting Rules and Rule Changes

NFL Betting Rules 2021

While that’s still the case, the NFL has afforded additional protections to this player by allowing them more time to be a defenseless player. For example, if a player simultaneously catches the ball, doesn’t call for a fair catch and gets immediately tackled, they could be considered a defenseless player therefore earning the kickoff team a penalty.

Clock Manipulation with Multiple Dead Ball Fouls:

The Patriots notoriously manipulated the clock in a 2019 game where they kept getting dead ball fouls that caused the clock to continue to tick. This flaw in the NFL rule book allowed the Patriots to milk the clock, therefore putting their opponent at a disadvantage. The NFL has implemented a rule that prohibits teams from manipulating the clock with multiple dead ball fouls.

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