NFL 2013 Draft Recap

If you missed the NFL 2013 Draft then this NFL draft recap can be used as a great primer to get you and your friends ready for the upcoming NFL online betting season. The top NFL betting sites had their wagering odds fluctuate in real-time as the draft was going.

Even though the teams that take top picks in the NFL draft usually have little or no chance or making the Super Bowl the following season, stranger things have happened and this could be one of those seasons. When you look at the top 5 picks of the NFL draft, you see the each team has a vision in their mind of what they need to do be contenders in the next few years. That’s why the Chiefs selected offensive tackle Eric Fisher as their number 1 overall pick of the draft. The Jags also went for longevity and selected Luke Joeckel from Texas A&M. The Dolphins went to shore up their defensive reliability when they picked up the best linebacker in the draft in Dion Jordan from Oregon. The Eagles and Lions followed the trend of picking up lineman to solidify the units on both sides of the ball.

NFL 2013

Some sports bettors think that these picks will help catapult one of these teams to a division title. If you look at the divisions each of these teams play in, it may be difficult to see one of these teams winning the division outright but one of these teams could be poised to make a playoff run and get a wild card berth. The top online sports betting sites have adjusted their Super Bowl 2014 betting odds accordingly based on this draft. If you would like to bet on any of these teams, a myriad of prop bets are available to you when you sign up at the U.S. Friendly sports book located at

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