Mike Tomlin “Pissed” About Penalties

Looking for the latest Pittsburgh Steelers news? Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin was expected to be happy about his team’s impressive win over the Atlanta Falcons, but the coach wasn’t in the mood to celebrate after the game, due to what he felt were questionable penalties called against his team.

When asked about the two facemask penalties called on linebacker Bud Dupree, Tomlin said the calls looked legitimate but pointed out that a lot of the other penalties called during the game were questionable.

“But some of the other stuff, man, is a joke,” Tomlin said. “We gotta get better as a National Football League. Man, these penalties are costing people games and jobs. We gotta get ’em correct. And so I’m pissed about it, to be quite honest with you. But that’s all I’m gonna say on it.”

One of the questionable calls Tomlin was referring to was a roughing the passer penalty against linebacker T.J. Watt, who had three sacks in the game. Watt was flagged after a low hit on Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan, but replay showed he tried to move off the quarterback as he approached him.

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After the game, Watt told reporters he was surprised by the call.

“I understand the rules. I’m not a dirty player,” Watt said. “I tried to pull off him at the end. Whether the ref saw it or not, I understand why they call it. It was a low hit. But I tried to pull my arms off. We’ll see if I get a check in the mail or not. … It puts us in a bind because I don’t know what else I can do. I couldn’t have rolled off, then I risk hitting someone in the knees or hurting myself.”

Despite the penalty, Watt said he doesn’t plan on changing the way he plays the game, adding that he just has to play smarter.

“You just have to be smart and understand the rules,” Watt said. “I’m not a guy who’s going to make any real change from what I say. So I have to understand the rules and play by them.”

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