Marquette King Confronts Radio Host After Practice

In the latest Denver Broncos news we have controversy. On Sunday, Denver Broncos punter Marquette King, who signed with the team after being released by the Oakland Raiders in the offseason, had a few words for a radio host after the team’s practice.

King, who is one of the most active athletes on social media. He did several interviews with media outlets since arriving in Denver without any incidents. However, on Friday, King was a guest on a local radio show hosted by former Denver Broncos receiver Brandon Stokley, and was cut off in less than two minutes after giving short answers to the questions he was asked.

When asked why he wasn’t expanding on the answers he was giving, King said he didn’t like talking about football. Does that make sense?

Darren McKee, who also has a show on the station, with former Broncos defensive linemen Alfred Williams, took to Twitter saying King should apologize to Stokley.

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“Little advice. Go to Brandon Stokely – who played for the broncos two different times, played in the league for 15 years, is in the Louisiana sports hall of fame, is a fantastic father and husband and apologize for an incredibly disrespectful and rude interview,” McKee wrote.

“If you don’t want to be interviewed then simply don’t do it. If you DO decide to do an interview have a clue who you are talking to. Why don’t you ask DT about Stokely as you apparently have no idea who anybody is. Best of luck punting the ball in Denver. Somehow our show will survive without you.”

After practice, King confronted McKee asking “do we have a problem” and said “keep my name out of your mouth.” McKee responded “or what?”
After the exchange, King tweeted former teammate Marshawn Lynch to let him know he understands why the running back avoids doing interviews.
“It all makes sense now @MoneyLynch,” King wrote.

Should Marquette King say sorry? Do the Denver Broncos have bigger issues?

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