Emmanuel Sanders Calls League “Soft” After Loss To LA Rams

Denver Broncos wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders wasn’t a happy camper after the Broncos lost to the Los Angeles Rams. Sanders feels like the referees cost his team a chance to win the game. This, thanks to a taunting call in the first quarter of their game. Does Emmanuel Sanders have a point?

According to Sanders, a first-quarter taunting call against him “cost my team,”. Then added it was also a sign the “league is getting soft.”

The penalty occurred late in the first quarter with the Rams holding a 6-0 lead. Case Keenum hit Sanders with what he thought was a 44-yard touchdown, and after Sanders got up from a tackle, he pointed a finger in Rams cornerback Troy Hill’s face, which drew the taunting flag.

Rather then, since the play occurred in the end zone, it was reviewed to confirm that it was a touchdown, and the replay officials said he was down at the one-yard line.

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Instead of the taunting penalty being assessed on the kickoff like it would if it was a touchdown. It was assessed at the one-yard line. This pushed the Broncos back to the Rams’ 16-yard line. They would eventually settle for a field goal after gaining only six yards on three downs.

“It was a great throw by Case. I came down with a big play, emotions are high. … It’s not like I walked up to him and head-butted him or something crazy. But it cost my team.”

Also, with the Broncos losing the game 23-20, the penalty and the four points the Broncos lost ended up being a bigger deal than they thought.

“There’re no moral victories. … Our guys played hard, that’s apparent, but we have to play a better brand of football as far as penalties,” Broncos coach Vance Joseph said. “… He knows better, yes he knows better, I didn’t see what happened. … that’s why he can’t do that. He knows that.”

In conclusion, the LA Rams don’t seem hurt by Emmanuel Sanders comments.

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