Dez Bryant Trolls Cowboys During Loss To Panthers

What do you think about Bryant? Former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant had a little fun at his former team’s expense. On Sunday while they were losing to the Carolina Panthers.

During the game, Dez Bryant, who was cut by the Cowboys during the offseason and remains unsigned. Dez called out the Cowboys and offensive coaches. He also added that it would be the last time he talks about the Cowboys.

“After today I’m done talking about the cowboys. If I try to say something good or a factual it always turned out to be negative. Plus I don’t want it to seem that’s where I’m focused I know the team well so it’s hard not for me to speak,” Bryant said. “All I ever cared about was winning.”

Bryant also made a comment about the Cowboys play calling, which he called garbage and predictable.

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“It’s kind of cool calling out all of the signals and knowing which route players are about run.”

During the offseason, Bryant was rejected an offer from the Baltimore Ravens, who were trying to lock him up on a two-year deal because he wanted to sign a one year deal to show he is still a very good player and cash in as a free agent next year.

He also visited with the Cleveland Browns, but they were unable to reach an agreement on a deal. During his Twitter rant on Sunday, Bryant was asked by a fan to call Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and resign with the team, but the receiver said he needs to play for a team where his talent can be showcased, and mentioned the New England Patriots and Washington Redskins.

“Naw I’m ok. I rather go somewhere I can show case my skills for real. if I line up next to Gronk Hogan Edelman I’m for sure getting a 1 on 1 match up plus I won’t be getting criticized controlled for expressing my love for the game. Washington is cool as well.”

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