Details of Antonio Brown Foot Injury Revealed

The details of the Antonio Brown foot injury have come out. What does this mean for Oakland Raiders betting?

Last week, the biggest news coming out of NFL training camps was the fact that Oakland’s newly acquired All-Pro wide receiver Antonio Brown. Brown, who forced his way out of Pittsburgh at the end of the season, hasn’t been participating in practice. Will this impact team chemistry?

At first, Brown’s injury was referred to as a sore foot. Also, reporters were told he would return to practice soon. When they still didn’t see Brown on the field, they were told by team representatives that they were being cautious with Brown. Many took the news at face value.

On Wednesday, it was revealed that the reason Brown hadn’t been practicing was because of extreme frostbite. This was caused by a cryotherapy machine. Brown was not wearing appropriate footwear when he entered the cryotherapy chamber last month in France. Thus, he burned his feet, leaving them frostbitten. Grossly pictures below.

Brown, 31, has missed a significant portion of his first training camp with the Raiders and has not practiced since July 30, when he left the team to visit a foot specialist.

Update for Brown Foot Injury

Antonio Brown Foot Injury

According to head coach Jon Gruden, Brown was “still collecting information” on the Antonio Brown foot injury, and that the team would know more in the next few days.

“You know me, it is like waiting for Santa Claus,” Gruden said of anticipating Brown’s return. “I have been really excited to coach this man. I think he is a great player and he is a great competitor. We need his life in this offense and on this football team. We will just cross our fingers. I will make no speculation whatsoever. He has to get it evaluated. He has to get the information he needs, and when he does, he will be back.”

The good news for raiders fans is that even though Brown has been unable to practice with his new teammates, he is expected back on the field soon because the team does not think the Antonio Brown foot injury is a long-term one.

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