Who Is Playing in NFL Week 9 Games

If you have been asking who is playing in NFL Week 9 games then here is a preview of the best NFL Week 9 matchups with a look at the Sunday night and Monday night games.

The Steelers have seemed to have hit their stride and despite their slow start to the season, they look to be back in winning form. The Patriots will host the Steelers in week 9 at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts at 4:35PM EST. Tom Brady will be the starting quarterback for the Patriots while Ben Roethlisberger is the starting quarterback for the Steelers. These two teams have a storied tradition of playing each other in big games despite that fact that neither team plays in the same division.

NFL Week 9

Steelers Patriots Matchup

These two teams have won 5 Super Bowl championships within the past 12 seasons and both teams have multiple appearances in Super Bowls without winning the game. Throughout the history of this rivalry, the Steelers have won 15 times while the Patriots have won 11 times. This week 9 game between the Steelers and Patriots marks the 27th time these two teams have played.

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