Oakland Raiders Betting Preview

In this Oakland Raiders betting preview our goal is to do what no other Raiders betting previews have done, talk about the positives that the 2012-13 Oakland Raiders have going for them this NFL betting season.

The Oakland Raiders acquired Carson Palmer to become their starting quarterback last season. Since the acquisition, Palmer hasn’t looked impressive although the Raiders just missed out on a playoff berth last season. Since Palmer has had an entire season to work out, practice and settle into his new home in California, we expect Palmer to begin producing at the quarterback position. If you are betting strictly for value, it might be smart to place a bet on the Oakland Raiders to win the Superbowl. Although it is highly unlikely, if Carson Palmer plays like the Palmer of 2005, he is just as good as any of the blue chip quarterbacks in the NFL.

Oakland Raiders Betting Preview

The Raiders have an extremely fast team. This team could be lethal on turf. If you want to bet on the Raiders to win the Superbowl, you’ll be assuming the Raiders are a complete dark horse team. This is the correct mindset when betting on the Raiders. This team has continually surprised analysts over the years and it wouldn’t be shocking to see this storied franchise return to dominance. The team plays in O.co coliseum near Oakland, California. The Raiders have wanted a new stadium for several decades, if they can win a Superbowl, they might convince the powers that be to get them a new place to play. If they do win and you’ve bet on the Raiders to win the Super Bowl, you will enjoy the benefits of a 65 to 1 payoff. If you used Bovada’s online sports book, you will get paid out quickly and easily this football online wagering season. We also recommend the SBG Global sportsbook and Topbet sportsbook this NFL betting season.

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