Chicago Bears Betting Preview

The Bears! Jay Cutler and the Chicago Bears are hoping for two things this NFL season. One for Jay Cutler to remain healthy throughout the regular season and NFL playoffs, and second for them not to have to play the Green Bay Packers in the NFL playoffs again. In this Chicago Bears betting preview we will be covering current NFL wagering predictions and the Chicago Bears betting odds currently listed at the Bovada online sportsbook. When it comes to NFL Internet wagering you have to be careful where you bet and which teams are overrated and which ones are going to be dark horses this NFL regular season.

Chicago Bears Betting Preview

The Bears are a good pick for a dark horse type of team to find its way into the Superbowl. The Bears will start out their season regular season at Soldier Field against the Colts. When you look over the Bears schedule, you’ll see that the team has a fairly easy schedule and the Bears should have no issues getting into the playoffs. Since the Bears play in the tough NFC North division, the team will be battle tested and ready for a deep playoff run in January.

The Bears are no strangers to the Superbowl. The Bears actually played the Colts in the Superbowl back in 2007. Although the Bears lost, this year’s team features a capable quarterback in Jay Cutler and a solid defense led by Julius Peppers. When you consider the Bears chances of winning the Superbowl, you’ll be delighted to know that the Bears are paying off at 16 to 1! These enticing odds will allow you to earn a nice payoff if the Bears over achieve this season. Bovada online sportsbook is one of the web’s most trusted sports books. If you place your bet with Bovada, you’ll enjoy secure transactions and quick payouts.

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