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What an amazing NFL Week 1. Now we look ahead to picks to bet on NFL Week 2 odds. For example, is there trouble in New York again? New York Jets wide receiver Denzel Mims is frustrated with his lack of opportunities with the team. Informed the team that he would like to be traded, his agent said in a statement.

According to his agent Ron Slavin, Mims, who was a second round pick in the 2020 draft, met with Jets general manager Joe Douglas to express concerns. Mims also has shared strong feelings with head coach Robert Saleh in private meetings at training camp. Not a good start.

“It’s just time,” Slavin said. “Denzel has tried in good faith. But it is clear he does not have a future with the Jets. Denzel vowed to come back better than ever this season. He worked extremely hard in the offseason to make that happen.

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Still, he has been given very few opportunities to work with the starting offense and get into a groove with them.

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“We feel at this point a trade is our only option. This since the Jets have repeatedly told us they will not be releasing him. Joe Douglas has always done right by Denzel. We trust that he will make every effort to find him a new home where he can be a contributor.” Check out these sportsbooks for NFL Week 2 betting odds and picks.

Saleh, who had a conversation with Mims on Friday, didn’t rule out the team keeping him on the roster this season because “he’s one of our better players and we’ve got to find a way to make this work.” He also didn’t dismiss a trade.

“You love his competitive nature in the fact that he feels like one of those best three [outside receivers] and he should be on the field and he wants those reps,” Saleh said. “I respect the heck out of it and I want him to keep fighting for that because you want that competition. The balance is understanding who we are as a football team and making the decisions that are best for the football team and this organization, and own your role and dominate your role until the opportunities come.”

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