Top US Betting Sites for Soccer

Getting the most value when placing soccer bets is crucial in order to have a profitable soccer betting strategy. When you begin comparing the top US betting sites for soccer, you’ll quickly realize that some websites may have slightly more favorable betting odds than others. We encourage you to shop around for the best odds all of the upcoming soccer events.

Best US Betting Sites 2017

  • TopBet
  • With TopBet, you’ll get a world class sports betting experience. TopBet’s innovative software is some of the best in the market and players eligible for special deposit bonuses related to upcoming soccer events. With TopBet, you can bet on international soccer events, UEFA, FIFA, MLS and more! Sign up for TopBet to gain an edge on soccer wagering. 

  • BetOnline
  • With over 2 decades of experience in the online gambling industry, BetOnline is one of the best places to book a bet on a soccer game. BetOnline provides you with the ability to bet on soccer games from all of the different leagues such the Premier league, MLS and more. BetOnline makes it easy to bet on Soccer during the middle of the games with one of the best live betting platforms available to sports bettors online today.

    Soccer, also sometimes called football, is becoming huge in America so learn how to bet today and don’t get left behind!

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