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The Jacksonville Jaguars made headlines in the offseason by picking up Blake Bortles as their starting QB. The rookie sensation will lead the Jaguars as they try to contend for the NFC South division championship. The Jags have a lot of talent on their roster and if Bortles can translate into the pro game, he can have a nice career as a Jacksonville Jaguar. Justin Blackmon is the star wide receiver for the Jags.

Bet on Jacksonville Jaguars

Jacksonville plays each of their home games at EverBank Field. Gus Bradley will lead the 2014 Jacksonville Jaguars squad at head coach. The young Jaguars have the right recipe for success. The big question still looms; is it really the Jags year? Many analysts feel as if the Jags must wait another season in order to taste success. Rookie quarterbacks have surprised the league before and this season could be no exception. The Jacksonville Jaguars actually have the worst betting odds of any team to win the Super Bowl in 2015 at the best online sportsbooks as reviewed by us above. If you want to cheer for the ultimate underdog, you can get the Jacksonville Jaguars to win the Super Bowl with odds as high as 200/1 at the TopBet sportsbook for NFL betting. This means that the Jags are the least likely team to win the Super Bowl according to odds makers.

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