Marquette King Takes Shot At Jon Gruden After Denver Win

Jon Gruden’s decisions come into question again. The Denver Broncos won their first meeting against their AFC West rivals the Oakland Raiders. Thanks to a last minute field goal by Brandon McManus. This was with six seconds remaining in the game. Even though the win was a big one for the Broncos because it put them in a first-place tie with the Kansas City Chiefs. The win was bigger for punter Marquette King. King was released by the Raiders during the offseason. This story and Denver Broncos betting odds coming up next.

After the game, King posted a video on Twitter. The video showed a Chucky doll with money stuffed in his clothes. A reference to the $100 million contract Gruden signed with the Raiders. Another questionable Oakland Raiders move by Gruden.

The video posted by King wasn’t really a surprise. This is considering the way things ended with the franchise. Marquette King was an undrafted free agent in 2012 that managed to secure a spot on the team. This was thanks to his deep, accurate punts. By 2016, he had become one of the best punters in the league. King was rewarded with a five-year $16 million deal.

Denver Broncos Betting Odds

Denver Broncos Betting Odds
After Gruden agreed to return to the Raiders, there were rumors that King’s personality and active social media presence wouldn’t mesh with Gruden’s old school approach.
On March 30th, the Raiders announced they had released King. Then, King went on to sign a three-year $7 million deal with the Broncos.

At the time of his signing with the Broncos, King said he had not spoken with Gruden. This was before or after he was released by the Raiders. “I never got a chance to talk to him. Just saw him on car commercials and stuff. [Now] I get to see him two times a year.”

King added that he was never told the reason he was released by the Broncos front office. However, we think it is pretty obvious. What do you think?

During Denver’s win over Oakland. King punted four times and finished with a 44.1 net yards average. He also had one punt inside the Raiders’ 20-yard line.

The Raiders and Broncos will face each other in Oakland on Christmas Eve. What a Christmas treat this will be!

In conclusion, Marquette King continues to make noise. Also, Denver Broncos betting odds are not impacted in the least.

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