Week 5 Bills vs Lions

In Week 5 NFL betting trends we see the Bills surprisingly increase their odds of winning with Kyle Orton stepping in to be their starting quarterback.

The Lions have started the season at 2-1 with impressive wins over the New York Giants and the Green Bay Packers. The Buffalo Bills have also had a decent start to the season with wins over Chicago and Miami. This game is expected to be a high scoring affair since each team fields so many weapons on offense. The Lions have Matt Stafford at quarterback and he is someone who can light up the field. Since this game is being played at home, the Lions will certainly enjoy playing on the turf versus outdoors.

The Bills will travel to Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan on October 5th 2014 for a game that is scheduled to be kicked off at 1PM. The Bills vs. Lions game is expected to be carried on the Fox network.

Orton Bills Lions Week 5

With so many talented players on the field, it can be hard to properly handicap. Football game becomes difficult to predict as more variables are thrown into the mix. In the matchup between the Bills and Lions, the game could have multiple outcomes and the winner of the game will probably do so on a lucky play or two since both of these two teams are so evenly matched up.

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