Tim Tebow NFL Prop Bets

Just a few weeks ago many NFL insiders and Tim Tebow fans were wondering, “will Tim Tebow ever play in the NFL again?”. While, the answer is looking like yes as of right now with the New England Patriots signing him. However, will he actually ever step foot onto the field in a regular NFL season game will be the real question and we will find out in a couple of months.

Did you know that you can bet on whether or not Tim Tebow will play in the NFL again? Contrary to what some sports analysts might be saying, there is a handicapping guru that has broken down Tebow’s chances of returning to the NFL. According to the guru, he says that there is a 68% chance that Tebow returns to the NFL. Tebow probably won’t return to the NFL before training camp. It seems like he will most likely return to the NFL during the middle of the season when or if an emergency quarterback situation arises. You can see an updated list of NFL online betting picks and predictions for Super Bowl 2014 XLVII in our NFL matchup read.

Tim Tebow NFL Bets

Here is Tim Tebow standing next to Tom Brady at a New England Patriots practice, with both of their facial expressions looks of wonder on what Tim Tebow is doing at a Patriots practice. The best online sports betting sites have posted Over/Under odds on the New England Patriots to win 9 games this NFL season. That number did not change whatsoever after their signing Tim Tebow. You can also see an updated Tim Tebow NFL prop bets list at the Bovada Sportsbook. If you are reluctant to check out the latest NFL Internet betting odds because you first need to know how to bet on NFL online, then take a read through our NFL betting primer which using example NFL bets will help you make real money NFL wagers.

Keep an eye out for Tim Tebow related prop bets and other NFL prop bets by logging into Bovada.lv daily. Why should you log in daily? Because the sports book at Bovada is constantly being updated with odds makers releasing new props each and every day. These prop bets are a fun way to keep up with the long NFL season. When you use prop bets to enhance your Sunday experience, you add a completely different dynamic into watching the game. One of the coolest new features at Bovada is live prop betting during the games. Log in to Bovada while NFL games are being played and you can place live wagers on the next action in the game and win money instantly!

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