San Francisco 49ers Odds to Win Super Bowl 2015

People have already forgotten that Colin Kaepernick already has one Super Bowl appearance under his belt. Despite the San Francisco 49ers losing the 2013 Super Bowl to the Baltimore Ravens, it was a terrific run for Kaepernick and the 49ers who hope to make a similar run to Super Bowl 2015. You guessed it, today we are going to discuss the San Francisco 49ers odds to win Super Bowl 2015 as per expert NFL picks.

The San Francisco 49ers will kick off their season with hopes of winning a Super Bowl championship. Colin Kaepernick will begin the season as starting QB for the 49ers. The 49ers have had success before. A couple seasons ago, the 49ers were runners up to the Ravens in the Super Bowl. Even the best online sportsbooks bookmakers have the 49ers sitting at 15/2 NFL betting odds to win Super Bowl 2015.

San Franacisco 49ers Super Bowl

Since then, the 49ers have been hot on the trail for a Super Bowl Championship. The 49ers go on the road to visit the Dallas Cowboys in their first game of the regular season. The 49ers play their home games at Candlestick Park and Levi’s Stadium. The 49ers have won the Super Bowl 5 times. Michael Crabtree is poised for a break out season as he is looking to take this team to the next level. Marcus Lattimore is also expected to bring positive yardage from the backfield. Vernon Davis is one of the most consistent tight ends in the NFL. The 49ers have favorable betting odds because many sports books have them listed at 15/2 if they happen to win the Super Bowl. If Jim Harbaugh can rally his troops late in the season, the 49ers may have a better shot than that to win the Super Bowl this season.

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