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If there is an NFL season this year then here are online sportsbooks for NFL bets.

Even though the NFL has had months to prepare for the start of the season amid the coronavirus pandemic. Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay does not believe NFL training camps will start on Schedule next week. He may be right.

“Usually when you get about a week out, and right now that’s exactly where we’re at. You start to get revved up. Starting to get excited,” McVay said. “And there’s something about this time that you know the amount of things that have to take place for that to logistically get off. Also, get going, something about it tells me maybe there’s a chance that things get moved back.”

NFL veterans are required to report to camp on July 28. With quarterbacks and rookies reporting a few days earlier. However, the league and NFL Players Association have yet to formalize a plan for health and safety procedures pertaining to the coronavirus pandemic, which some players have expressed concern about.

Possible Online Sportsbooks for NFL Bets 2020-2021

Online Sportsbooks for NFL Bets

NFL owners are meeting Monday to continue discussions regarding health and safety, finances and the preseason schedule.

Even though the preseason has been reduced from four games to two. The NFLPA union board of player representatives voted unanimously Friday in recommending that the preseason be canceled altogether. As of today all preseason games have been cancelled. The NFLPA won.

Even though he is skeptical that the training camps will start on time. McVay believes the regular season will still take place.

“What I’ve been telling our people is, ‘Hey, we’re going to have a great plan. Whether we get a chance to execute that plan now or a little bit later remains to be seen,”’ McVay said. “But I am confident we will have a season, we’ll be able to play football. Above a full list of the top online sportsbooks for NFL bets.

Whether or not it goes exactly on the schedule we’ve all seen, that’s something that I’m a little skeptical of right now.”

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