NFL Wildcard Weekend Betting Summary

After one of the most exciting weekends in football in the entire 2016-2017 NFL Season, Wildcard Weekend was a great success for many sports bettors.

Wildcard Weekend gave us 4 home team favorites that all covered the spread. If you had put down $100 on a 4 team home parlay, you would have turned that $100 into $1,200 in one single weekend.

Sportsbooks probably took a beating this weekend since there were no upsets. The most impressive game was the Green Bay game in which the Packers effortlessly up 38 points on a solid New York Giants defense.

NFL Wildcard Weekend Betting Summary

Green Bay did this without their star receiver Jordy Nelson. This Wildcard Weekend has setup several intriguing matchups for the divisional round. The next 4 NFL playoff games are:

* Seahawks @ Falcons (January 14th 2017 – 4:35PM Kickoff)

* Texans @ Patriots (January 14th 2017 – 8:15PM Kickoff)

* Steelers @ Chiefs (January 15th 2017 – 1:05PM Kickoff)

* Packers @ Cowboys (January 15th 2017 – 4:40PM Kickoff)

Could the favorites sweep the weekend again? If you are looking for a chance at an upset, the Packers could potentially upset the Cowboys and the Seahawks could potentially upset the Falcons.

It could be another bad day for the online sportsbooks if all of the favorites cover the spread once again in the NFL’s Divisional round of the 2016-2017 playoffs.

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