NFL Week 16 Betting Picks

Week 16: Chargers at 49ers

In what could be dubbed as the battle for California, the San Diego Chargers will travel to Levi’s stadium to play the 49ers. This Week 16 game will take place on Saturday, December 20th 2014 and the game will be played on a Saturday at 4:30PM EST. NFL games will typically be played on a Saturday as the college football season ends. With the football season nearing its end, it is entirely possible that these two teams could have a lot at stake when they play each other. Both teams started the year average or slightly above average. The 49ers were expected to be Super Bowl contenders but on the field and off the field issues have kept the team from rising to the elite level.

Chargers 49ers Week 16

The Chargers are performing well above what many experts suggested. The Chargers, being led by Philip Rivers, have lit up defenses this year while statistically staying in the top 10 teams in terms of offense. The Chargers are quite lopsided on offense given the fact that the team ranks near the bottom in regards to running the ball. Given the fact that the 49ers are consistently in the top 5 in terms of defense, the 49ers could give the Chargers all the want as the battle of California commences.

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