NFL Week 13 Titans at Colts

NFL Week 13: Titans at Colts

Rivalry games are what make the NFL so special. When the Titans play the Colts, fans inside the stadium and those watching at home will know that this is one of the fiercest, yet underrated rivalries in the National Football League. The Titans will travel to Indianapolis to play the Colts in Lucas Oil Stadium on December 1st 2013.

This game will kick off at 1:00PM EST. The Titans look to get back into the playoff hunt with a big win over the division leading Colts. Andrew Luck is the quarterback for the Colts and he has shown that he has the ability to become one of the faces of the league in years to come. Jake Locker is the quarterback for the Titans and he has really shown that he can play on an elite level as well.

The Indianapolis Colts have defeated the Titans 23 times in franchise history. The Titans have defeated the Colts only 14 times in franchise history. When these two teams play each other, expect a close, yet unpredictable game. The Colts will certainly be the favorites in the game and if you’d like to bet on the Colts or the Titans in this contest just get an account at and begin betting on the top online sports book available to those in the USA.

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