NFL Week 1 Recap

Before we can preview NFL Week 2 betting odds we need to take a recap of what happened in NFL Week 1. First up we will recap the Saints and Falcons overtime game.

NFL Week 2

In NFL Week 2 some of the biggest games to bet on will be the Thursday night game between the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers, and then on Sunday our favorite NFL game to bet on the Seattle Seahawks against the San Diego Chargers.

Saints vs. Falcons (Falcons win 37-34 in Overtime)
The New Orleans Saints travel to Atlanta to play one of their arch rivals in a week 1 NFL football game that could set the course for each of these teams’ seasons. The Falcon play their home games in downtown Atlanta at the Georgia Dome. The Falcons will put Matt Ryan on the field as quarterback as he has earned the right to lead this team. The Saints will have their franchise quarterback Drew Brees on the field and he is expected to play at his peak potential this season. This week 1 game will take place on September 7th at 1PM EST. The game will be broadcast on the Fox network as most NFC games are. This contentious rivalry will test the resolve of Sean Payton’s Saints and the direction of the Atlanta Falcons franchise. While the Saints won the Super Bowl several years back, the Falcons have sputtered in the playoffs. With so much riding on this season, it is difficult to see either of these teams not leaving it all out on the field in each of their games this season. These two teams could very well both make the playoffs on the NFC side of the bracket which gives this division twice as many chances to bring home the Lombardi trophy. This is certainly a rivalry to watch.

Bucs vs Panthers (Panthers win 20-14)
The early lead in the NFC South will be determined as each team in the conference will play each other in week 1. On Sunday, September 7th at 4:25EST, the Panthers and Buccaneers will kick-off their late afternoon game which will be held at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa. The game will feature Cam Newton starting as quarterback for the Panthers. The Panthers were the surprise of the league last year by finishing the season with a 12-4 record. This allowed the Panthers to win the NFC South division which no one predicted. In fact, before last season had started, some fans had wanted Cam Newton to be benched. What a bad idea that would have been! The Panthers went on to lose to the 49ers in the playoffs. The Bucs are rebuilding their team and they look to get maximum value out of their 7th overall pick Mike Evans who is a wide receiver. The Bucs could be home field underdogs in this matchup which is a pretty uncommon occurrence in the NFL. Lovie Smith looks to bring this team back to respectability and many feel as if the former Bears coach is the motivation this talented group of young men needs in order to win some football games in the 2014-2015 season.

49ers vs Cowboys (49ers win 28-17)
The San Francisco 49ers must travel to AT&T Stadium in order to play America’s Team which is better known as the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys will start Tony Romo as quarterback and many Cowboys fans are wondering when this team will ever make the Super Bowl again. The Cowboys had a magical Super Bowl run in the early 90s when Troy Aikman and Emmett Smith were dominating NFL teams. Those days are long gone and the 49ers are likely to be the favorites in the football game. The Cowboys have brought in some good talent during the offseason which should make this Cowboys team different from teams that have been fielded in the past few years. This late game will likely be the featured game on Fox which means the game will likely be broadcasted to entire USA. The Cowboys will look to defeat the favored 49ers and begin their season 1-0. Head Coach Jason Garrett is searching for signature wins to add to his resume and beating the 49ers in week 1 would send a message to the rest of the league noting that the Cowboys are a legitimate threat to hoist the Lombardi trophy. If coach Harbaugh and the 49ers have any say about that, the 49ers will find themselves in the Super Bowl in 2015 with a Lombardi trophy to show for it.

Colts vs. Broncos (Broncos win 31-24)
The Colts will travel to Denver for the first game of the season in what has become an unlikely rivalry. Although the Broncos and Colts are both in AFC, each of the teams hadn’t participated in too many clashes in the past. Once Peyton Manning went to the Broncos and the Colts drafted Andrew Luck, the rivalry was renewed. The rivalry reignited when the Colts were severe underdogs against the Broncos and the Colts went on to win against the Broncos. Broncos coach John Fox will bring his best game plan to defeat the upstart Colts. This game will take place at on Sunday Night Football which is broadcast internationally by NBC. The Colts are fully expected to win the AFC South and the Broncos are expected to find a way into the playoffs as long as Peyton Manning stays healthy. This week 1 matchup could be a preview of a game we could see play out again in January during the NFL playoffs. Each of these teams has low futures odds assigned to them which means each of the teams have a good chance of making the Super Bowl. In fact, some analysts are picking the Broncos as the early favorites to win the Super Bowl in 2015.

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