Houston Texans Wagering Lines

If you have been following the likes of J.J. Watt and the Houston Texans this off season you know they have only gotten hungrier and stronger in their off-season preparation leading up to the 2013-14 NFL online betting on regular season football. If you look at the top Internet sportsbooks their Houston Texans wagering lines reflect the off season moves by the Houston Texans franchise.

The Houston Texans are the NFL betting favorites to win their division. The Texans starting quarterback is Matt Schaub and their head coach is Gary Kubiak. The Texans play in Reliant Stadium. The Texans have made it to the playoffs the past couple of years and this year’s Texan team is poised to make another deep run this year. Is this the year that the Texans can make it the Super Bowl? It is certainly possible and the odds makers at Bovada have the Texans listed at a 18/1.

Houston Texans Wagering

Did you know that the Baltimore Ravens had 18/1 betting odds before last year’s season started? The Houston Texans could be this year’s surprise team and if they can break through and make it the Super Bowl, their talented roster will certainly have a chance to win it all. If you are a die-hard Houston Texans fan and you’d like to make this upcoming season a little more exciting, why not get an account at Bovada and begin betting on the Texans to win the Super Bowl in 2014? If you bet on the Texans and they win the Super Bowl, you will have your initial bet multiplied by 18 and you will have your earnings quickly deposited into your Bovada account as soon as the final play is over in the 2014 NFL Super Bowl.

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