Carolina Panthers Odds

Did you know that the Carolina Panthers are one of those teams that could be flying under the radar in this upcoming NFL betting season. The 2015 Carolina Panthers have one of the most exciting quarterbacks in the league with Cam Newton on the roster. Ron Rivera is a defensive minded coach, however, Cam Newton has always been able to find ways to take over games on the offensive side of things taking the pressure off of Rivera’s defensive unit.

Carolina Panthers NFL Betting

The Panthers play in the NFC South conference and many football analysts believe that this specific division is up for grabs without one team being a clear favorite to win. Because of this, the Panthers have a decent shot of making the playoffs. Because the Panthers have a proven winner at the starting quarterback position, the Panthers are a true wild card when it comes to predicting how good the team will be this upcoming 2015-2016 NFL betting season and that’s why odds makers are seeing a lot of action on them in Futures bets.

The Carolina Panthers play each of their home games at Bank of America Stadium located in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Panthers roster also features Michael Oher, Shaq Thompson and Kelvin Benjamin. The odds of the Panthers winning the Super Bowl are currently 45/1.

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