Bills at Raiders NFL Betting Picks

With only one more week left to go in the NFL regular season we take a look at our NFL Week 16 betting picks and predictions and the top sportsbooks offering these betting lines.

The Bills will travel across the country to play the Raiders in Week 16. The Raiders are in a rebuilding phase although the Bills will most likely be playing for pride or for an AFC Wild Card spot. Out of all the teams in the NFL, the Bills have the longest post season drought. The Bills are commonly associated with their numerous 2nd place finishes in the Super Bowl in the early 90s. This millennium’s Bills sport a fast offense, a solid offensive line and a budding defense. If the Bills make the playoffs this year, they will break the streak for being the one team that has waited the longest between playoff appearances.

Bills Raiders NFL Betting

The Bills will play the Raiders on Sunday, December 21st 2014 at 4:25PM EST. The game will take place at Stadium, which is the home stadium for the Raiders. While the Raiders are statistically unable to make the playoffs themselves, this game could serve as a catalyst for the Bills to enhance their playoff chances for the 2014 season. Could the Bills shock the world and make the playoffs? This game against the Raiders in week 16 will certainly help the Bills set the course for their next postseason endeavor.

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