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If you are looking for help with your bets on the NFL this week for the first week in the NFL betting season then pay attention. NFL bettors all over the USA are in a bit of a pickle when it comes to placing bets on teams in the NFC South Division as you will see in today’s first week of NFL online betting in the 2013-14 season.

The NFC South division consists of the Saints, Falcons, Buccaneers and the Panthers. Each of these teams has solid quarterbacks that make fantasy football managers very happy on Sundays. Have you ever thought about how you can capitalize off of some of this skillful quarterback play in the NFC south?

Bets NFL


The Bovada sportsbook has to be by far and away our favorite sportsbetting site for the NFL this season. A close second would the the Top Bet sportsbook if you live in the USA which teaks players from all US states. If you have some safe NFL bets we suggest you place them at the above reviewed online sportsbetting sites for NFL wagering over the Internet for NFL Week 1 starting today.

You can do this with Bovada live betting. Did you know that you can bet on football in live real time? Log in to Bovada and you will be able to bet on any NFC South team to win the Super Bowl, NFC Conference or their division.

Live betting on this division could be lucrative. Think about how many passing completions Drew Brees makes each season. Drew completes over 70% of his passes and you can profit off of this by betting on Brees to complete his passes in Bovada live betting. This strategy is also profitable for the Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan as he completes a high percentage of his passes as well. Josh Freeman and Cam Newton are specimens in their own right and both QBs will need to put their team on their shoulders to beat the heavily favored Falcons and Saints in the NFC South division.

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