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The Minnesota Vikings are an upstart NFL team that is led at quarterback by Christian Ponder. The biggest super star on the team is Adrian Peterson. There are debates about whether or not Adrian Peterson is one of the best running backs of all time. Regardless of the debate, the Minnesota Vikings are deserving of a deep playoff run and potentially a Super Bowl appearance. The betting odds for the Minnesota Vikings to win the Super Bowl in 2014 are 40/1.

These lucrative betting odds at the top NFL betting sites are enticing for many Vikings fans. What better way to commemorate this special season by placing a wager on the Vikings winning the Super Bowl?

Vikings Wagering

This may be one of the last years that the Vikings play in at Mall of America Field inside of Hubert H Humphrey Metrodome. The team is looking to build a new stadium for the Vikings in Minneapolis because this dome is dilapidated and decaying. Betting on the Vikings can be completed with in a few clicks when you are using Bovada’s online sports book. The Vikings have the best odds on Bovada so check out this sports book now in order to get the best betting odds available on the internet.

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