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Heading into Week 3 we look at the latest NFL betting stats along with NFL betting stats 2019. Past performance may not be a reliable indicator of future results. That being said, going over the data for past football games may provide clues. On how to fine tune your NFL betting strategies. Let’s take a look at the 2019 NFL season to see if we can get a clue as to where we can potentially spot some valuable betting trends.

Team That Didn’t Cover in 2019:

The Chicago Bears was the worst team in the NFL. In terms of covering the spread in 2019. With a record of 4-12 against the spread. The Bears only beat the spread 25% of the time. If the Bears do not improve this year, keep an eye on the spreads of their games. You may find a slam-dunk bet against them in 2020.

The LA Chargers were 4-9-3 against the spread. While tying the spread number 3 times could tip in either direction. The Chargers are expected to be a better team this year. With that in mind, the Chargers are expected to improve in 2020 with key additions on offense and defense. The Chargers may provide value on the point spread. This will be without Philip Rivers.

NFL Betting Stats 2019

NFL Betting Stats 2019

Teams That Covered Frequently in 2019:

It should be no surprise that the Kansas City Chiefs covered the spread more than any other team in 2019. Many analysts believe the Chiefs will continue to build upon their success. Therefore, they may end up seeing some huge point spreads in 2020. One of the more surprising things about the Chiefs if that they lost against the spread, at home, 3 times in 2019. Could the sportsbooks be giving the Chiefs too much credit at home?

Another team that covered frequently in 2019 is the Dallas Cowboys. Look specifically at the Cowboy’s divisional games and you’ll find that they covered the spread 5 out of 6 times in 2019. The Cowboys are largely staying in tact for 2020 so it might be worth looking at the Cowboys’ divisional games when you are looking for teams who frequently beat the spread.

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