San Francisco 49ers Season Preview

Football is in the air and the NFL regular season has finally kicked off! That also usually means that the online betting season has started. The San Francisco 49ers open the season at home when they face the Minnesota Vikings. The 49ers are currently +3 point underdogs at home.

In years past, the San Francisco 49ers have been perennial picks to win the Super Bowl. In this upcoming NFL season, the 49ers are being picked to finish either 3rd or 4th in their division. The 49ers are in a rebuilding season and need some help from the talent they’ve acquired in order win some football games this season. The 49ers have been assigned 60/1 preseason betting odds to win Super Bowl 50. If the 49ers even make the playoffs, they will likely need a lot of help from their quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

49ers Betting 2015

Although the 49ers have talents like Reggie Bush, Vernon Davis and others, some analysts believe that this could be a down season for the 49ers. One of the biggest changes for the 49ers is their transition at the head coaching spot. The latest coach for the 49ers Is Jim Tomsula. One thing that is impressive about the 49ers is that they have won 5 Super Bowl Championships in their illustrious tenure within the NFL which means if you want to make your NFL bets then we suggest you do so now. The 49ers last Super Bowl win came in 1994, although the team had a straight in the 80s that netted them 4 championships over a span of 8 or 9 seasons.

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