Kansas City Chiefs Season Preview

The Kansas City Chiefs have a tough road ahead of them if they want to find themselves in the Super Bowl XL championship game. The Kansas City Chiefs are coached by Andy Reid and he a long history of taking teams deep into the playoffs. In fact, Reid was the head coach that took the 2005 Philadelphia Eagles squad to the Super Bowl although that team subsequently lost to the New England Patriots.

This year, Kansas City is putting Alex Smith on the field as the starting quarterback. Jamaal Charles, the standout running back, will likely make fantasy owners very happy as he is always putting up big numbers all throughout the season.

Chiefs Online Betting Odds

If you plan to bet on the Chiefs this season we recommend betting on them when they play weak offensive teams. On the defensive side of the ball, the Chiefs feature Eric Berry at safety. During the offseason, the Chiefs has dodged a lot of controversy all though one interesting storyline involved a player sending a tweet to the Kansas City Chiefs official twitter account. The player was subsequently reprimanded after the incident. These types of storylines do not typically impact NFL online betting odds but they do shape how their fans and bettors view the team.

The Chiefs play their home games at Arrowhead Stadium. NFL fans have said that Arrowhead Stadium is one of the loudest places to play football in the entire league. The Chiefs are currently getting 30/1 in terms of betting odds being established by sports books.

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