Ravens Lose Without Ray Rice

The Baltimore Ravens are coming off a rough week going into NFL Week 2 where they will be facing the Pittsburgh Steelers. Of course, Ray Rice will not be playing with the Ravens as he continues to battle his demons.

Ravens Ray Rice

The battle for the AFC North division will commence on Week 1 of the 2014 NFL Season. The Bengals travel to Baltimore where they have had trouble competing against Joe Flacco and the Ravens in recent years. Franchise quarterback Andy Dalton must prove himself this season and do better than a one and done performance in the playoffs. Marvin Lewis, who was named Bengals head coach in 2003, has enjoyed moderate success while leading the Bengals.

The Ravens look to get their season started out on a positive vibe as they attempt to defeat the Cincinnati Bengals as they travel to M&T Stadium. The Ravens will need to start the season off hot as they have one of the toughest schedules in the league. The team is trying to rebuild their defense as evidenced by the draft. In fact, some analysts feel as if C.J. Mosley was the steal of the draft. This linebacker will certainly fill a gap that the Ravens need.

Each of these teams has the skill to host the AFC championship trophy and play in the Super Bowl. Since the Ravens are playing this game at home, they will likely be marginal favorites in this week 1 AFC North matchup.

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