NFL Week 1 Betting

The NFL finally opens today! NFL Week 1 kicks off with the Packers visiting the Seahawks in the Thursday night game, and then on Sunday NFL Week 1 is action packed. In today’s NFL preview we will be covering NFL Week 1 betting picks and prediction for NFL online betting.

The Raiders travel across the country to play the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium on September 7th 2014. This week 1 football game will show the world what strides each of these teams have made during the off season. Mark Sanchez is no longer a Jet and Chris Johnson recently signed with the team. The new look Jets are hoping that they can build on their success that they have enjoyed in the past. The Raiders are looking to rebuild their team once again so that they team can return to Super Bowl form.

NFL Week 1 Betting

It’s been several years since each of these teams have made deep runs in the playoffs. This week 1 battle could set the stage for early successes in each of these team’s 2014 seasons. When it comes to online sports betting the Raiders are no stranger to making losing bets, especially when it comes to their drafting. The Raiders may decide to field Derek Carr as their quarterback although Matt Schaub is on the roster. Darren McFadden and Maurice Jones-Drew spearhead the two pronged attack at running back. Khalil Mack will look to lead to Raiders defense. The Raiders and Jets are long shots to win the Super Bowl. Each of these teams will have an uphill battle to defeat the elite teams in the division, much less the rest of the NFL.

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